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Equipping couples with the communication skills, knowledge and understanding to help them find, build and maintain happy and fulfilling relationships.

July 3, 2019

eMonster - I like to party - I like 2 party - Mari Molly - pingfling productions

His name is eMonster and he likes to party.. #ilike2party #emonster #pfp #pingfling #fire #feelit #hotrod 

June 16, 2019

eMonster “I don’t know” pay tribute to his Queen - pingfling productions

eMonster pays tribute to his ride or die, peels the heart back, the apple of his eye. #kingandqueen#rideordie #myqueen #tribute #emonster

June 14, 2019

eMonster “pop trunk unload” by pingfling productions

eMonster popped the trunk and unloaded!  #nuffsaid #eMonster #pingfling #unload #fire catchiest song of 2019 #guaranteed! 

June 4, 2019

eMonster - Hustle Hard - pingfling productions

Emonster is hustlin hard, the only way he know's how to hustle.  #emonster #hustlehard #pingflingproductions 

May 11, 2019

eMonster - “Up and Down We Go Again”

As above so below, as within so without, life always has it's ups and downs but the question forever remains, are you ready? #emonster #pingfling #youready?

May 9, 2019

eMonster “Down Low” pingfling productions

Raw, fresh, sexy drop from eMonster!  Stripping will never be the same again!  #justlisten #share #follow #emonster #pingfling 

April 29, 2019

eMonster “Addy rush!” absolutely insane! Must listen!

eMonster goes absolutely bonkers in this short but action packed sample of skills.  Forget reading, just listen and we'll let you be the judge!  Kindly show your support by becoming a pingfling patron.  

April 13, 2019

emonster sample “for real” by pingfling productions

We're about to unleash the emonster on the unsuspecting rap realm.  Product of pingfling productions.  www.theemonster.com #emonster #pingfling #rawtalent

December 16, 2018

the way of the alha male - relationship advice for men by pingfling

Be perceived as superior in the eyes of your dating partner with these 4 helpful advantages provided by Tiger with Pingfling dating. Sign up for FREE at pingfling.com become a patron by clicking https://patron.podbean.com/

November 22, 2018

10 great date ideas to impress for less! in association with Pingfling

Congrats! You’ve met someone and now it’s time to start dating but what are some good and cost effective ideas? Listen to find out! Become a patron by clicking this link! patron.podbean.com/pingfling